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Golden Child
(Directions to The 10th)

Chinese Pirate Productions
The 10th is excited to launch the second performance venue in the building!  The 4th floor cabaret stage welcomes the inaugural show "Golden Child".

CHINESE PIRATE PRODUCTIONS presents                                 

A patriarch returns to his traditional Chinese polygamist home, bringing his new found western ideologies he has adopted while away on business.  Though these Christian values clash with the Confucian Order that governs his household, they would allow Eng Tieng-Bin to follow his heart, turning his beloved "Third Wife" into his ONLY wife.

His traditionalist 1st wife, power hungry 2nd wife, idealistic 3rd wife, and prized eldest daughter, the "Golden Child", must struggle to either maintain the existing power structure, or adapt to a very quickly changing world. In the end, all will question the price paid for the politics of "conversion."

February 5 through February 20

(Preview night- Saturday February 4)

Go to chinesepirateproductions.com for more information.